I made an appointment to see Doug and after the first session there was at least a 50% improvement...
Noreen, Dublin.

Then the discovery! Doug identified what the real problem was. In one session, I was sorted out...
Brendan, Dublin.

His style of treatment really works well for me with sporting injuries...
Ciara, Dublin.

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Rotator Cuff Strenght!! Whats it all about?



Rotator Cuff Strength!!

You see a lot of people nowadays in gyms doing all these funky exercises... And when you inquire to what they are doing the answer is usually 'strengthening my rotator cuff'!! Beside the fact that most people do rehab exercises incorrect, usually they don’t even know what muscles they are trying to strengthen and why.

It is all well in good strengthening your rotator muscles in your shoulders but if you don’t strengthen the structures around them you are wasting your time... Have you ever heard the expression you cannot fire a cannon from a canoe!


Your upper arm attaches to you shoulder blade (Scapula) to control movement and function of your arm but if your don’t have full range of motion and strength in the muscles that act on the shoulder blade it is absolutely a waste of time and effort  to try and strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.

So what do you do?? First thing you need to do is get an assessment to see what muscles and structures are weak/tight or short/lengthened or basically not working effectively. If you don’t do this you are just guessing what the problem is and are more likely to make it worse.

The next thing is to get a programme designed specifically on your results of your assessment. Usually Injuries and posture related issues take a bit of time and effort on your behalf to rectify, so be patient and remember slow and steady wins the race.

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