I made an appointment to see Doug and after the first session there was at least a 50% improvement...
Noreen, Dublin.

Then the discovery! Doug identified what the real problem was. In one session, I was sorted out...
Brendan, Dublin.

His style of treatment really works well for me with sporting injuries...
Ciara, Dublin.

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Release your pain


 Hi All,

I have just finished this book again!

It is a great read for everyone from the therapist to the Injury prone to the Anatomy enthusiast.

Learn exactly what Active Release Technique (ART) is and how it can help you.

Learn about the different types of Repetitive strain injuries, what they are the different types and what you can do to prevent them.

And more importantly you can learn how to eliminate an on-going or recurring injury for ever.

Doug Leonard

Soft Tissue Specialist



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